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Learn to read and spell at home, school or
work with our systematic, comprehensive
and intensive online phonics program.

  • Students work independently at their own pace.
  • Instruction is Orton-Gillingham based; lessons are systematic, sequential and comprehensive.
  • The learning process is automated eliminating time-intensive, direct instruction by the teacher.
  • Our online license is all-inclusive; no additional purchase of any kind is necessary.

    "I am very pleased with my subscription to We All Can Read.I find all of the lessons and resources extremely helpful in working with the many students I support. Thank you for making this great resource available online."
    Jamey Peavler
    Elementary English Language Arts Department
    Instructional Specialist
    Forest Manor Professional Development Center
    Indianapolis Public Schools

Our First 28 Online Phonics Reading Lessons Are Free!

(Our online video lessons are hosted by Vimeo. If your school system blocks Vimeo,
contact us. We publish an alternate website where our videos are not hosted by Vimeo.)


Video, audio, and text are combined to present the 644 lessons in our online phonics reading program.
Students work independently through all 644 online phonics reading lessons.

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/ Lesson 7 / Lesson 8 / Lesson 9 / Lesson 10
Lesson 11 / Lesson 12 / Lesson 13 / Lesson 14 / Lesson 15
Lesson 16 / Lesson 17 / Lesson 18 / Lesson 19 / Lesson 20
Lesson 21 / Lesson 22 / Lesson 23 / Lesson 24 / Lesson 25
Lesson 26 /
Lesson 27 / Lesson 28

Free Teacher's Guide for Lessons 1 through 28 (PDF file)
Quiz Answer Key for Lessons 1-28 (PDF file)

More In-Depth Information Regarding the
Content and Organization of Our Online Program.

A subscription is required to access the lessons beyond Lesson 28.

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