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We All Can Read: Supplemental Reader
Kindergarten through Second Grade Edition
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Sentences and stories contained in this supplemental nonconsumable book provide additional oral reading material correlated to specific lessons and pages in the core book.

(This is a supplemental book only and not intended to serve as a substitute for the core book We All Can Read: Kindergarten through Second Grade Edition. Each student needs a copy of the core book before funds should be used to purchase this companion volume that provides additional oral and silent reading activities in an eighty-eight page manual.)


The Reader provides additional oral reading practice by using decodable text. Decodable text contains words made up primarily of only the letters and letter teams taught up to any given point in the program.  Students are not presented with words that contain phonic elements that have not yet been taught.  Requiring students to read orally from text that contains only those phonetic principles already introduced is a critical element to help students become fluent readers.  A student must be given the opportunity to practice word recognition skills using decodable text until he is able to read accurately and fluently.  Accuracy and fluency are both critical factors in reading comprehension.  The Reader is supplemental and not intended to serve as a substitute for the core book.  The Reader is intended to provide additional reading practice to augment instruction from the core book. $27.00 (Georgia residents pay state sales tax.)


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