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Learn to read, spell and pronounce English
with our 644 online phonics lessons.


Georgia Army National Guard's
Adult Literacy Training Project
Fort Stewart, Georgia

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Video, audio, and text are combined
to present the 644 lessons.
Students work independently.

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165 Quizzes Are Embedded in Our 644 Online Lessons
How Well Do You Know Phonics?
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Why nonsense words are critical in
teaching phonics to older students.


3rd Grade to Adult Online Phonics
Suitable for Individuals with
Learning Disabilities or Dyslexia


We put a comprehensive, Orton-Gillingham-based
reading program in the hands of anyone for a fraction
of the cost of hiring a reading specialist!

Our online program offers the following advantages:
1. A parent, teacher or tutor can implement our program without previous and expensive training. Parents can help their child learn to read and spell even if the parent has not gone to college.
One does not have to be a reading specialist to teach a student to read and spell!

2. An adult can teach himself to read and spell on his own without a teacher or tutor.
3. Adults learn to read in the privacy of their own homes; parents teach their children at home.
4. Our entire program is accessible online and does not require prior training to implement.
5. Our online program teaches phonics and spelling with multisensory, step-by-step, direct instruction.

Our Program Costs Dramatically Less Than Other Orton-Gillingham-Based Programs
Our online program is available for only a fraction of the cost of virtually all other Orton-Gillingham programs. A fifty-minute tutoring session with an Orton-Gillingham-trained instructor costs anywhere from $50 to $100 per session with a two-session minimum per week recommended. The cost to send a student to a private Orton-Gillingham school is on average anywhere from fifteen to thirty thousand dollars per school year in tuition.

Our online monthly license costs $54 per month and gives a parent or adult student complete access to our 644 online lessons. Individuals can subscribe to our proven and science-based reading program without spending thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

Our online license provides access to a complete
and comprehensive phonics curriculum.
No additional purchase of any kind is necessary!

Our online license includes these following elements:
1. 644 lessons that combine audio, video and text - all lessons are printable
2. Our first 28 online lessons are free
3. Over 400 consumable worksheets - all worksheets are printable
4. All 141 lessons from our Supplemental Fluency Reader - all lessons are printable
5. Forty plus hours of video content
6. Over 115 hours of audio content
7. 165 quizzes embedded within our 644 lessons - students must demonstrate mastery to proceed

Purchasing our online license is equivalent to hiring a
full-time reading specialist to work one-to-one with an
unlimited number of students at any time of the day,
every day of the week for the entire year.

Offer Blended Instruction with
Our Print and Online Editions

The We All Can Read Program is published in both an online and print edition. These two formats can be combined to offer blended instruction where teachers utilize the print edition to teach the lessons to a class or small group, and students access our online lessons to review and consolidate skills taught in class at other times throughout the day. Our synthetic phonics program is used in both mainstream, special education, reading intervention, adult literacy and ESL classes in schools and libraries.

Our Reading Program is Science Based

We All Can Read is scientifically-based and incorporates an Orton-Gillingham curriculum; our program is sequential, systematic, and comprehensive. Lessons are incremental, logically-organized, and easily-learned.

We provide direct instruction in the following skill areas: phonemic awareness, phonics and alphabetic understanding, decoding accuracy and fluency, and vocabulary and spelling. Compare our program with the Wilson Reading System.